The front porch dilemma

In our new house we have a small front porch that has become our favorite hang out place during nap times or after the kids go to bed.  With such a small yard, it’s hard to find a place to go, and so we’re enjoying our porch area where we put the couch and rocker that we had on our back patio at the last house.  We love that it’s on the front of the house so we get to greet neighbors as they go by and also have a beautiful view.  Here’s the view from the couch one morning when I snuck out before the kids got up.

The only downside that we’ve run into is bugs.  We’ve got a porch light next to the door but it draws too many bugs.  We have turned the lights on the front porch on which provides us a little light and not as many bugs but it’s really not enough light to work or read, which is what we like to do out there.

I’ve seen lots of things on Pinterest about bug-repelling plants but when I got an email in my inbox about an article that One King’s Lane put together about mosquito repelling plants, it was easy to click on and read their suggestions.  After reading their article I am now wondering if we should invest in some of these plants (lemongrass, etc) to keep the bugs away but still let us turn on our lights?  We’re also thinking about stringing some old timey strands of lights to increase the light but, hopefully not draw bugs.  I’m looking forward to trying to implement some of this and I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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    July 24, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    One of the ladies from church suggested lemongrass to me…worked like a charm! Good luck. Those bugs are annoying!

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