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Superhero or not?

I’ve been struggling this week, y’all.  We’re battling allergies at our house and the adjustment back into school has been a lot harder than I imagined.  Charlotte is worn down at the end of the school day and needs a rest, but she was determined to do dance and art and so I scheduled them for afternoons (time suggested and only time available for her age) so she’s missing her rest time on those days.  Combine the lack of sleep with a stuffy nose and you have a little girl who is cranky along with a brother who doesn’t feel great and is learning to exert himself and a Mommy who feels yucky.  Recipe for disaster.

Tales of a Peanut - Superhero or Not

As I was waiting in the carpool line this morning to pick up my kid’s, I thought back on Lisa-Jo Baker’s posts recently about motherhood and that a friend sent her a Superman cape.  And I sit and wonder, what am I missing?  Why do I not feel like the superhero in our family?  Why do I feel like I’m still chasing to-do lists and struggling to keep the house tidied in addition to all the little things that I’m doing around here?

Why can’t I cut myself some slack?

Yes, there are currently loads of laundry that need to be washed, but the only one who might actually need something washed pitches in to help with the laundry when he needs something.

I might not feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’ve unloaded and loaded and ran the dishwasher and still have a sinkful of dishes, but I have.

I think I have this vision that being a Mom, being a woman, being a wife, being an adult, means that you’re perfect.  But it doesn’t.  Not even close!

I’ve got to figure out the balance of this life.  The one where I’m waking up early to make lunches and grab a few hours of time by myself before I pick kid’s back up at school.  The one where I have so many creative ideas in my mind but not enough hours in the day or energy to get them into my computer and into my shop.  The one where I have to remember that not everything has to be perfect and sometimes the most fun moments come from those imperfect  moments that just happen to happen along the way.

If God doesn’t expect me to be perfect, why do I expect it of myself?

I don’t know the way to balance this right now.  I’m not sure where to set my limits and say “this is enough” and move on to the next task.  I’m having a hard time prioritizing what is worth my time and energy and what isn’t.


But I’m going to start with prioritizing my “to do” list.  Give items a date and list them as such and set manageable goals.  I’ll always have a wish-list to do list out there, but I don’t need to look at it every day in the midst of all my imminent tasks that need my attention.

How do you balance?  Please give me help and suggestions! I’m praying for you and for me that we can get this balance down and be the best us that we can be.  And remember that we don’t have to cross off everything on our mile-long wish list to do list to be the superhero of our family!

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