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Five Minute Friday – See

To find out all the Five Minute Friday details go to Lisa-Jo’s blog here.  But the gist is to write for five minutes, unedited, just for the love of writing.

Today’s word is SEE.

Ready, set, GO.


jge cle 1-10-14

When I look in the mirror I see me.  I see a tired Mama.  I see gray hairs and fine lines that are getting less fine by the day.  I see circles under my eyes and, sometimes, eyes with less than desired luster in them.

But what does God see?

When God looks at me I don’t think he sees those things.  I think he sees a Mama who is working hard to do the work that he has placed in front of her.  I think he sees the beautiful creation that he made thirty years ago and not the lines that have accumulated in those thirty years.  I think he sees me as he intended me to be and what he knows I’ll be at the end of my life.  I think he sees all that I’ve succeeded at in the past and all that I will succeed at in the future.

When God looks at me he doesn’t see my mistakes.  Or my failures.  Or my shortcomings or lack of enthusiasm.  He looks at me and sees perfection.  Because when he looks at me he sees Jesus.

I couldn’t ask for someone to see me better than that.

What do my children see when they look at me?

I think they see the one who loves them no matter one.  The one who reads to them and snuggles with them.  Kisses their boo boos and makes their favorite food.  I think they see the one who they think will be there forever.  The one who will always be on their side.  The one who will always take care of them.  I think they probably see safety.  And love.  And rejoicing in themselves.

I pray that they don’t see the days that I’m tired and worn out.  The days that my patience is thin and my desire to read another book five more times is less than stellar.  I pray that when they see me, when they remember me, they see Jesus and all that I was trying to teach them and draw them to.  I pray that they see my failures as only a way to show them Jesus more and to help them grow and know that everyone makes mistakes.

I want to see me the way I think they see me.  The way I see my Mom.


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