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Dad’s #writeyourlove #tbt

I love my Dad. I think that’s been well documented (like here, here, and here) on this blog but today I’m sharing something special…his handwriting.

Tales of a Peanut #writeyourlove #tbt Dad

Now, I’m not telling you that my Dad wrote me letters all the time, but on occasion he did, especially when I was out of town. And in college I went and interned in the Senate for a month and spent about six weeks in Washington, DC. During that time Dad wrote me a few notes like this one. It’s short and quick and on company letterhead, but it’s in my Dad’s handwriting and I still have it all these years later.

Dad and Jenn 1985

Even when someone is still with you, like my Dad, having a piece of them in their handwriting means so much. Thinking about my dad taking time out of his ridiculously busy workday to write a note to me like that just reminds me how deep his love for me is. I’ll treasure notes like that and pictures like the one above forever.

Do you have any handwritten notes from your parents? What do you think about when you look at them? Please share them with me on instagram using the hashtag #writeyourlove! I might just share your post with my followers!

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