Bringing Hobbs Home and #TOAPGivesBack

I’m so excited to share with you the cause that Tales of a Peanut will be supporting for the month of March. This month we will be donating 10% of all shop profits to Bringing Hobbs Home as they raise funds to adopt a little girl from China.

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

Our Friendship

I met Tessa during the “Meet the Teacher” day before our oldest girls stared kindergarten. As soon as I saw her walk into the class with three beautiful little girls I thought that we could be friends. Thankfully she was open to a new friendship and we quickly began taking some time in our limited kid-free time when everyone was in school to get together for lunch and coffee dates.

I found Tessa to be an extremely compassionate woman who is brave and strong in her own right not to mention the numerous ways that she supports and has supported her husband in his career. This year Tessa branched out and began educating her girls at home and I am so impressed with the way she is managing to incorporate fun and learning together in a way that works spectacularly for their family.

Their Decision to Adopt

Last fall, Tessa and I tried to meet for a girls night but something kept coming up to cause us to reschedule. So one night she called me and excitedly shared the news that she and Brad had been called to adopt another little girl from China! She has shared their journey to adoption on her blog much more eloquently than I ever could so I’ll direct you there if you’d like to read more.

Over the past few months it has been such an amazing thing to watch a family fall in love with a new child before they know about when the child will arrive, before they’ve seen a face or found a name, and before they have held the child in their arms. They are choosing to love this little girl and make her a part of her family before they know anything about her and I am so excited to do a very small part to help them continue in their journey.

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

How We’re Going To Help

Tessa and I began brainstorming on how Tales of a Peanut could get involved with their campaign to raise funds. Adoptions range on average between $30,000 to $45,000 so they will be raising a lot of funds! And while we might not personally be able to make a dent in that amount, I knew that my Tales of a Peanut family would be able to help.

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

First, their family will be the recipient of March’s #TOAPGivesBack campaign. So this month, I will take all the sales from the Tales of a Peanut shop and the miniPeanuts shop, deduct my costs, and donate 10% of that profit to their adoption fund. That means that the more of anything that you buy in the shop, the more that the Hobbs family will receive!

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

I knew that I wanted their family to be a #TOAPGivesBack recipient but I also wanted to design some products with Tessa’s help in which I could give back 100% of the profits. After discussing and going through some trial and error, we settled on a few different items that I am very excited out.

I designed a collection called — appropriately — Hobbs in the Tales of a Peanut shop. This collection consists of two art prints of Philippians 2:3 and two prayer records for you to write your prayer requests as you have them and make a note when God answers that prayer! I love that idea and it was totally Tessa’s concept.

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

There is a more masculine version of each (with arrows) and a more feminine version (with flowers) but they are all fairly neutral and should work well with almost any home decor. And they are each available in a variety of sizes to fit into standard picture frames. You can also purchase the prayer records as a 9×12″ laminated record so that you can write your prayers and answers with a dry erase marker and use the record for years to come. These would be beautiful to hang in a nursery as a special keepsake of the prayers you pray for your child, or just as a record of your family’s spiritual journey.

In addition to the printed versions of the collection, you can also purchase printable version of the art prints and prayer records. The really cool thing about the printables is that with one purchase you get a 5×7″ file as well as an 8×10″ file. You can print them as many times as you want (when using only for personal use) and would make great gifts. And since 100% of the profits of these are going to the Hobbs family, that means that the only deduction from the price you paid to what the Hobbs will receive is the amount that Etsy and the credit card companies take out for fees!

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you don’t feel called as a family to adopt a child, but you are passionate about supporting those who are adopting, we have a variety of options for you to help. These are wonderful ways to support a family who simply want to add a little girl to their family who otherwise would be alone in this world. To support the Hobbs family you can:

1 – Purchase any item from the Hobbs collection to have 100% of the profits of the items go to the family

2 – Purchase any item in the Tales of a Peanut and miniPeanut shops during the month of March to have 10% of the profits of the shops go to the family

3 – Make a monetary donation straight to the Hobbs family through Adopt Together. Donations via this method are tax deductible!

4 – View the Hobbs family fundraising opportunities on their website to order t-shirts, donate items for their yard sale, or attend an in-person event to support them.

I urge you to look through the products and giving options and find one that speaks to you. And if a financial purchase or donation is not feasible for you right now, I know that the family would treasure your prayers as well.

Bringing Hobbs Home - TOAPGivesBack

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