A Day In The Life Of A MamaPreneur

Mamapreneur (n): a mother who is actively balancing her role as mother and as business owner.

Everyone has their own preferred noun to describe their role in life. For some it’s Mom, others Boss, others Woman, others Wife, and yet others Owner. But I prefer to call myself a “Mamapreneur”. For one, I have told my kids that they can’t call me “Mom” until their 10 because I want to retain the little kid Mommy/Mama identity. For another, I am definitely an entrepreneur but in an entire different fashion than the traditional sense of the word. No matter what you call yourself, anyone balancing life and succeeding even in some small part, is someone who is a success.

As we all know, you never know what goes on behind the scenes of someone else’s life. Let’s be honest, some days I don’t even know what’s going on behind the scenes of my own life! So today I wanted to share my little slice of life on a random Thursday. I do this not to highlight how hard I work or the difficulty of balancing my different roles. I share because I want everyone to remember that their life is unique and different from everyone else’s. No one is any better or any worse because they deal with different situations than the other person. And the more that we can embrace the fact that we are all together in this journey of life, handling it as best we can in our own way, the better we can be at being empathetic, understanding, and encouraging of others as they pursue their own version of a successful life.

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