Tip Tuesday #4 – My Best Business Decision

Over the course of the past few years I feel like I’ve made a number of good business decisions.  I chose a field that I am passionate about. I have reinvested in my business in ways that have paid off. And I have found quality vendors who help me create the best products possible. Without question though, my best business decision was to attend Stationery Academy (now Society for Creative Founders) last summer in Phoenix and find a group of women to encourage and support me and my business.

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I made the decision to attend eight months prior to the conference at only a year and a half into my business journey. I felt like I had a lot of ideas but needed some fine-tuning of my process and wanted some “insider” knowledge. I didn’t know anyone else attending but, after praying about it, I felt a significant peace about the expense of money and leaving my family for four full days.

My goal in attending Stationery Academy was gaining business knowledge. I expected to walk into the conference a fledgling business owner and walk out with a plan of action for my business and tools to succeed. But God took those expectations and greatly exceeded them in every possible way.

I left Phoenix with an increased confidence in my business. As well I was equipped with wonderful tools and advice to implement once I got home. But most importantly, I left with a group of women that were now my friends, confidantes, entrepreneur support group, and fellow Christians.

The last thing I anticipated when I attended Stationery Academy was to find a room full of women who loved God. And while the community over competition movement is rampant online I wasn’t confident that it would translate into real life when we were all in the same industry. But I found out that it wasn’t just talk. These women wanted to help me succeed in any way that they could. And they wanted to walk this journey with me.

As cliche as I feel the phrase “my tribe” has become, I left with a tribe and it has made a tremendous difference in my business life as well as my spiritual life. While Stationery Academy itself is wonderful and highly recommend it for any creative, not just those in the stationery industry, it was just a conduit to help me find my business support group.

Now when I have a technical question I know just who to text. When my kids are pushing every single one of my buttons, I have a fellow Christian Mama that I can count on to provide me with encouragement and sound spiritual advice. And when I want to celebrate an achievement in my business I know that when I post in our alumnae Facebook group that I will be met with women who will wholeheartedly celebrate with me. I will forever be thankful for God’s prodding and his providence in getting me to Phoenix in the summer of 2015. Finding a support group of like minded business women has, by far, been my best business decision so far.

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