How To Create Images For Social Media Quickly & With A Consistent Brand Style

You know you need to be consistent on social media but finding the time to create beautiful images that attract your ideal client and are consistent with your brand can seem impossible. You also “lose” images that you’ve created in the past on your computer and have to recreate them which takes up more time. And remembering the hex codes for your brand colors so you can make sure your images are consistent is infuriating. Is is #ABDAD7 or #F7B5C7?!? You can never remember! How To Create Social Media Images Quickly - Jenn Elwell - The InDesign Field Guide

The Secret To Quick & Consistent Social Media Images

I used to create images for my social media profiles in a variety of ways. I would use apps on my phone to create something that would work or I would search my computer for a file that ended with “insta” or “facebook” and modify an existing image. Doing it this way was neither efficient or quick. It never failed that I would have to open up my brand board to remember the color codes for my brand colors or I would spend time searching through the files on my computer looking for an image I remembered creating only to give up and recreate it.

I found the secret to quickly creating social media images with easily recognizable, consistent branding in InDesign. 

Why InDesign?

InDesign has long been used by graphic designers who are working professionally but it can be overwhelming for someone to learn how to use it by themselves. It’s full of tools that can make life easy for designers and business owners alike but figuring out how to use all of those tools can be a challenge.

The beauty of InDesign is that you can set up a project once and keep all of your images in one place. You can add your brand colors to the project and have them on-hand whenever you need to use them in future images. And you can have alternate layouts set up so that you already have your images sized perfectly for all of the different social media channels.

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How Can You Get Started?

Getting started with InDesign doesn’t have to be overwhelming. After opening up the program the first time and being totally overwhelmed, I took a course, The InDesign Field Guide by my friend, Kelsey Baldwin. Within a few weeks, I was comfortable in InDesign and using it in a variety of ways in my business. Kelsey explains in her course the basics of InDesign and walks you through more advanced topics like master pages and multiple layouts.

The Many Uses Of InDesign

After taking The InDesign Field Guide course I now use InDesign almost daily in my business. I have a blog images project where I create all the images that I need for my blog posts including for promotion of them. I have a social media project with templates for each of the social media platforms where I can create images just for social media easily. I use InDesign to layout and design invitations, advertising materials, and stationery products like business cards and letterhead for my business as well as corporate clients that I work with. And I’ve even put out multiple catalogs and a magazine that I designed in InDesign!

InDesign (along with Creative Cloud libraries to store my brand colors, character styles, and graphics) allows me to create graphics for social media and more quickly and easily. The images that I create have consistent branding to allow them to be easily recognizable as coming from me.

It’s easy to learn InDesign!

Thanks for Kelsey’s course, *The InDesign Field Guide, that is open for enrollment now through October 17th. Her course, of which I am an affiliate, will teach you everything you need to know about InDesign including lessons, design demonstration videos, private discussion forum, Instagram group, as well as lifetime access! I literally could not run my business as efficiently as I do without having taken Kelsey’s course. As a bonus, if you sign up through my affiliate link for The InDesign Field Guide I’ll give you a 45-minute long coaching call free of charge!

If you have questions about The InDesign Field Guide leave a comment here or send me an email and I’ll be happy to tell you more. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this course and how it can change your business. So go purchase it right now!The InDesign Field Guide - Jenn Elwell

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