A Day of Adventure

Before we left town I had a friend email me who had been to Beaver Creek a few years ago.  She said that she couldn’t ski either because she had had brain surgery too recently but told me that they went snow-mobiling and had a great time.  She highly recommended it.  So after checking it out Jason and I decided to book a trip on Monday morning.  We were picked up from our condo and then traveled to the base of the White River National Forest to be de-briefed and gear up (helmet and snow boots only since we wore ski clothes).  And then we set out!

Jason was our driver.  This was before we left.

During one of the first few stops.

We went through such a beautiful birch forest.  I love birch trees!

It snowed pretty hard on us on the way up the mountain!  It was beautiful but made it that much colder!

Around midway we stopped at a big clearing for pictures.

Then we went to the community house (really a log cabin with a door and a fireplace) for hot chocolate.  The fire really helped warm me up!

That’s the community house….

The view from the front porch.

I never drove but I did take over the front while we were stopped since the handlebars had handwarmers and I was freezing!

Overall it was a beautiful experience.  Maybe the path was a little too close to the edge of the mountain (I had been envisioning going up huge open spaces but there aren’t really any of those) but it was gorgeous to get to see some of the top of the mountains since I didn’t get to go up skiing and it was fun to spend the morning with Jason.  The biggest downside was that it was so cold.  We weren’t skiing and so weren’t building up any energy to keep us warm so we were freezing!  But we did warm up once we got back down!

We hung around the condo that afternoon because we were exhausted and then went to eat at The Chophouse.  We all (except Tripp) enjoyed wonderful steaks and shared the most delicious bacon mac and cheese that I’ve ever had!  I wish I could get that recipe! 

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