Relaxing Sunday

Overnight on Saturday night Beaver Creek got six new inches of snow.  All of the fresh snow was beautiful.  It again covered the trees and roads and gave everything a fresh new coat of white.  Here are the views from our balcony.

This is the front of the Park Hyatt

Jason, Kelly, and Tripp went to ski Sunday morning and I slept a little late.  After a lunch with Jason at Blue Moose I went to the Hyatt for some spa treatments.  Jason offerred to let me go to the spa since I wasn’t going to be able to ski and so I took him at his word and booked a massage, manicure, and pedicure and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of pampering.  The Park Hyatt was beautiful inside so it was also neat to be able to go inside and look around and not feel like I was trespassing.

After the day we all got ready for our reservation at Beano’s Cabin.  We had heard great things about this restaurant from many people and were really looking forward to a dinner up on the mountain.  You can only get to the cabin via a 20 min snow-cat pulled sleigh ride which was neat but really cold.  Dinner was a fantastic five course meal with really great food.  We really enjoyed being in such a unique place with such good friends.  We were especially impressed once we got in the cabin.  On the ride up they told us that the log cabin was built in Minnesota and then each piece was numbered and taken apart and sent to Beaver Creek to be reassembled on the moutain.  This cabin was huge so that was especially impressive!

Once we got to the cabin they showed us a huge coat room to hang up our coats.  They tell you to dress warmly with hats and jackets, etc so it’s nice that they give you a place to put all of it.  They also have slippers that you can wear for dinner if you like.  Tripp was the only one to take them up on that offer!

Our dinner started with two waiters, Matt and Matt.  After taking our appetizer and dinner orders they brought out a platter of three kinds of bread and individual pans of tomato bisque soup.

Once we finished our soup we were brought a salad of mixed greens, endamame, goat cheese, and a tomato olive dressing.  I wasn’t too sure about it when reading it on the menu but it was so good!

Up next were our appetizers.  We all got different ones but once they arrived they all looked very tasty!  Jason got the Pancetta Wrapped Rabbit Loin but sadly the picture didn’t take so I don’t have a picture of it!

My Pecan Wood-Fired Brick Oven Pizza
Kelly’s Pan Seared Georges Bank Scallops
Tripp’s Crisp Duck Confit
By the time our main courses arrived we were all almost too stuffed to continue but we pushed on and were rewarded with wonderful meals!
My Beef Tenderloin

Jason’s Oatmeal Crusted Pork Tenderloin
Kelly’s Herb Crusted New England Haddock
Tripp’s Pecan Crusted Elk Tenderloin
We wouldn’t have ordered dessert except that it was included so we manned up and ordered four different items and again were rewarded.  I personally think that mine was the best of all, it was so good!
My Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Jason’s Chocolate Trip (Dark Chocolate Gelato, Hot White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Mousse)
Kelly’s Trio of hand crafted Sorbets
Tripp’s Lemon Grass Creme Brule
After dinner we all bundled up again and rode back down the mountain.  While the ride was really, really cold it was so beautiful seeing all of the stars and the snow and trees.  Such a unique view that was very special.  We had such a great night and were glad that we were able to fit such a special place into our vacation!

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    March 3, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    You clearly did your homework before traveling. What a fun place!!

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