Recipe Wednesday – Chicken and Artichoke Calzones

My friend, Erin, has blogged about her Chicken and Artichoke Calzones multiple times.  She always talks about how this is her “go to” dish for new Momma’s or those hurting.  And when she blogged about them a few weeks ago I knew it was time to finally try them out.  Boy am I glad that I did!  They were fantastic and everyone (except James who isn’t eating much of anything these days) gobbled them up.  They’re a little time consuming to make if you’re chopping by hand but well worth it.
All the yumminess before it went into the calzones.  I’ll be honest and say that I stole a bite or two and even like this it was fantastic.  I bet it would be great on two thick slices of fresh bread! Maybe grilled into a panini! Yum!
Wrapped up in my (not so pretty) calzones

Fresh out of the oven!

The recipe makes six very full calzones.  You could easily probably make 12 normal sized calzones if you got two cans of pizza crust. I also made mine with thin crust pizza crust (just what I happened to get) and I’ll probably try it with thick crust next time.  Or not worry about getting all the filling into the calzones.  Even by stuffing mine to the brim I had filling left over.

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