Escape to Watercolor

It was a long summer y’all.  We were fortunate enough to get to take an anniversary trip in April to Paris and are planning on a trip to Disney in December.  So we made the decision to forgo a summer vacation and just stay here.  But by the second week in July we were both greatly regretting that decision.  One Friday afternoon Jason got home from work and I was laying on a couch with my arms over my face, the kids were dancing in the middle of the den while the tv was on.  I had a headache and it had been a long week.  Jason decided that this was the perfect time to surprise me with the news that he had booked a long weekend for us at the Watercolor Inn the weekend after our anniversary!

Watercolor Inn at Dusk

The next Thursday we headed to the beach and it was a wonderful trip.  It was short, but just the drive down when we got to talk to each other and not have to spell any words to avoid little ears understanding what we were talking about was wonderful.  We had never been to the Watercolor Inn before and were pleasantly surprised when we got to our room.  It was very large and so well appointed!  Plus it was really clean and they left us freshly baked cookies every night at turndown, you can’t beat that!

Watercolor Inn King Bed Watercolor Inn Room 2 Watercolor Inn Room Watercolor Inn Shower and Sinks Watercolor Inn Wet Bar


After we got checked in to the room we headed out to explore the area and grab a late dinner.  We ended up at The Wine Bar and had a delicious dinner.  If you’re there you MUST have the bisque and I would highly recommend the shrimp skewers!

Watercolor The Wine Bar


We slept blissfully late on Friday morning and then headed to the restaurant in the Inn, Fish Out of Water, for their breakfast buffet.  The Challah Bread French Toast was amazing and this girl who has always thought that grits were so so was blown away by them!

Watercolor Fish Out of Water


The view didn’t hurt either….



We finally headed out to the beach where we had reserved chairs.  It was so nice to be able to walk out and have the staff take us directly to our chairs and set up our umbrella.  It was hot but gorgeous and we enjoyed some time reading!

Watercolor Beach



That afternoon we made the unfortunate decision to try and bike down to Rosemary Beach, where we were more familiar. Just a heads up, don’t ever try that unless you’re an experienced biker.  We gave up 5 miles into the 19 mile ride and when we drove back down there we realized that we had barely even started the trek when we turned back!

Watercolor Inn Fish Out of Water Crepe

On Saturday morning we ate at Fish Out of Water again but I went for something reminiscent of our last trip: Nutella and Banana Crepes.  They weren’t  as good as the street vendors from Paris but they were a nice start to the morning!


We enjoyed another nice day on the beach.  It was actually a lot less crowded on Saturday and our chairs were on the front row instead of the second.  We practically had the place to ourselves for a while and enjoyed some time reading and enjoying the waves.

Watercolor Inn Beach Chairs

After a number of hours on the beach we headed back in to get ready to walk to Seaside for dinner.  This is the view of the Watercolor Inn from the boardwalk.

Watercolor Inn from Boardwalk


We ate at the BBQ food truck in Seaside and enjoyed some ice cream before heading back to sit at the Adults Only pool and read.  The lights in the pool were fantastic and made lounging in chairs reading even more enjoyable.

Watercolor Inn Adult Pool 2 Watercolor Inn Adult Pool



*I was not compensated in any way for this post and the people at the Inn know nothing about me.  I just wanted to share our experience with what we felt was a great place to stay for a couple’s trip!

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