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Throw Back Thursday

4-84 Hospital

Since we’re about to be seeing lots of hospital and baby pictures, I thought I’d share one of me when I was born today.  So let’s go back to April of 1984.

When I finally arrived on that Friday in April, I was almost a month late.  Back then there were no growth ultrasounds (or any ultrasounds that Mom’s doctor used) and, I guess, doctors were less leery of letting a woman go past term or didn’t believe that they actually were past term.  When Mom finally went into labor it took two days before I made my appearance and she says that she signed the papers for a c-section TWICE without getting one.  (I shudder just thinking about it and can’t even imagine!)  When I was born, it is said that I was blue and looked like a Smurf and the doctor realized his mistake.  He allegedly commented that I was a month old baby and not just a newborn.  Thankfully, I was fine and turned less blue as time went on.

Over the years I’ve heard this story many, many times.  The long standing joke in my family is that I was “fixing my hair.”  Sitting here a day before meeting our third child I can’t imagine anticipating a child’s arrival only to have it be delayed for almost a month.  And I definitely can’t imagine going a month past this point now and still being pregnant!  I’m thankful that God saw fit to take care of me and Mom in that time, but sure am glad that now there is no question of how old your child is in utero and no one goes that late anymore!

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