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Friday Peanuts

Posts that have spoken to me this week:

Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed – Such a great post about the historically proven “traditional dating” method vs the “courtship” method.  I think my parents did a good job with this and hope to implement a more traditional approach when our kids are older.  One part that made me laugh was “Being a parent does not make you a Pope for another adult.” That applies in all kinds of situations.


Those related to depression/suicide following Robin Williams’ apparent suicide on Monday:

On Christianity and DepressionFive Kids is a Lot of Kids, Beth Woolsey

“But a spiritual crisis is not the same as clinical depression, not a component of it, nor should it be equated with such. Just like we wouldn’t say cancer has a spiritual cause, we must not say it about clinical depression.”

“The truth is, we can seek God continuously, and long for Joy, and know God is with us in the mess, and still depression can consume us.”

What the Church and Christians Need to Know About Depression and SuicideA Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp

“There are some who take communion and anti-depressants and there are those  who think both are a crutch.

Come in close — I’d rather walk tall with a crutch than crawl around insisting like a proud and bloody fool that I didn’t need one.”

“That’s the grace touch of Jesus: The dark is not your fault, the dark is not the heavy night that weighs the worth of your soul, the dark is not about blame.”

“There’s no stigma in saying you’re sick because there’s a wounded Healer who uses nails to buy freedom and crosses to resurrect hope and medicine to make miracles.”

“There’s no guilt in mental illness because depression is a kind of cancer that attacks the mind. You don’t shame cancer, you treat cancer. You don’t treat those with hurting insides as less than. You get them the most treatment.”

Thoughts on Depression, Suicide, and Being a ChristianNish Weiseth

“Folks, saying someone is depressed or suicidal because they aren’t praying enough, are self-absorbed, sinful, or don’t have a deep enough faith? It’s abusive. And it needs to stop. Now. “


On a happier note, are you watching Jen Hatmaker’s new show on HGTV called “My Big Family Renovation”?  You should.  It’s awesome and bring’s Jen’s unique personality and world view to everyone.  Thursday’s on HGTV.  I’m sure it’s on On Demand too so that you can catch up.  It’s great!

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