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With our lyres and our pearls….

Mary pledged Alpha Chi!

Sorry I’ve been out this week but I’ve been in Tuscaloosa since Tuesday. I worked in the Tuscaloosa office of my company on Wednesday and Thursday while providing moral support for my cousin Mary as she went through rush at Alabama. On Friday I helped at the Alpha Chi house for skit day. This was my first time in the house as an alum and it was fun and also stressful! As an active you don’t realize all that the alums do between parties! We ended up staying up at the house to help tally until 3 AM! I don’t think I’ve stayed up that late in YEARS!

On Saturday morning my aunt (who was also an AX and was helping at the house with me) were exhausted but we got up and got ready to go back and help with Serious Night. It was fun watching the parties without having to worry about getting the correct girl and getting her seated correctly, etc. All I had to worry about at the parties was not spilling the glasses of water that I was delivering on a rushee. She probably wouldn’t have wanted to pledge AX if I spilled water all over her dress! Thankfully, that didn’t happen!

Serious Night was a lot of fun because I got to deliver water to all of the “special” girls that I just loved and wanted to pledge AX. I handed water to Sarah (Mary’s roommate), Caroline, and Meg who were all from my home town. You got to love those home town girls! I also, of course, delivered water to Mary but Carrie and I tried to stay out of sight so as not to pressure her!

Thankfully everything went perfectly, just like we wanted and this morning was a lot of fun!! Mary, Sarah, Meg, and Caroline all ended up pledging Alpha Chi! What a fun morning! Carrie and I listened as the actives read the list for the first time and everyone was so excited! It’s always fun to realize that the actives are excited about “your” girls as you are. They have a fantastic pledge class and are going to have so much fun! It makes you want to go back and enjoy your pledgeship all over again! So many new friends. So many beautiful girls. So much fun!

The new pledge class….they’re so beautiful!

Sarah, Kristin, Julia and me before hearing the list

We love Decatur girls!

The three Alpha Chi’s in our family!

Mary, Abigail, and Becca

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