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Reading Thursday – Toddler Must Reads

*We are on our way to the eye doctor today to get Charlotte’s eyes checked.  If you could pray for a good appointment, a good trip, and a good day today we would appreciate it!

As you know, we’re a very reading centric family and Charlotte is no exception.  The books that she is most taken with changes pretty regularly but some that she is currently in love with are….

Charlie and I had this book growing up and Mom found it recently and got it out for Charlotte and she loves it!  Anything about pets is good for her but she loves Harry!

This book would be good for kids much younger also because Charlotte can basically read this one to herself but she loves looking for the green sheep and even when we’re not reading it she sometimes goes around the house asking where the green sheep is!

Dimity has been a favorite of C’s for months now and she’s very good at finishing the sentences in it.  She has even mastered the word “eiderdown” thanks to this book!

The cover bills this book as for 4-8 year olds but I can’t emphasize enough how much Charlotte loves Charlie and Suzie and Daisy the Cow.  Ree has a new, young fan in Charlotte!
And one’s that she loves and that we have but I don’t have pictures of….
This has some of her favorite Biscuit books but she loves ALL Biscuit books!

While we never read these at bedtime, Charlotte loves reading the stories in this book over and over and over again!

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