Trip to Augusta

Jason and I had the opportunity to go to The Masters for the Monday practice round this year.  We left Sunday afternoon and headed to spend the night in Atlanta.  We went to Davio’s for dinner.

We got up bright and early on Monday morning and started our long day of car rides.  We drove the two hours to Augusta and got there around 10:30.

We headed into the course with the determination to explore some of the grounds that we haven’t seen before.  One of the nice things about practice round days is that you can take your camera in.  So we enjoyed getting some pictures of the course.

Eisenhower Tree

It was a little weird to be there with none of the azalea’s in bloom.  We didn’t see a single azalea bush with flowers on it and the dogwoods were all leaves also.  Even without the flowers the course was beautiful and we enjoyed exploring without the pressure of missing any good golf.  We did see some golfers but not many big names.

It was also very hot on Monday (91!) and so we got hot quickly.  All that walking didn’t help me acclimate to the weather either.  After a number of hours of constant walking in the bright, hot sun I felt like I was about to succumb to heat exhaustion and so we started the long trek back to the car after a pit stop in the gift shop.  Our ride home was long but it was a great two days spent just the two of us!

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    Mrs. Jones
    April 11, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Looks like such a lovely weekend! We got to go on Thursday and the only sad thing was that no cameras were allowed, but what a day it was with so much golf! I had never been before, so it was such a treat to see such a beautiful place!

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