30 by 30

Yestserday was my 29th birthday.  And while I’m kind of looking forward to joining the 30-something’s that make up my friends, I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought that, hey, I’ve got to start acting like a grownup.  So, in the typical type-A fashion, I’m going to make a list of 30 things I want to do by my 30th birthday.  And in the typical over-sharer fashion, I’ll probably blog about them.  🙂

I’ve got 364 days to do it all so I better get moving!

1. Go to Paris
2. Implement a chore chart with the kids and myself
3. Implement a menu schedule
4. Get Supper Club going again
5. Attend dotMom in the fall
6. Throw a Christmas Party
7. Plan a “Light ‘Em Up” program for us to do in the summer
8. Become more proficient with Photoshop & organize my pictures
9. Finish my 2011 One Tale a Day Blurb book
10. Complete the 2012 OTAD pictures
11. Make a 2012 OTAD Blurb book
12. Complete the 2013 OTAD pictures
13. Make a 2013 OTAD Blurb book
14. Make blog books up to present day
15. Start an Etsy shop
16. Go on a by-ourselves date with Jason every month
17. Re-vamp the blog design
18. Re-learn all about my camera and start taking great pictures
19. Take pictures of and blog about the new house (complete all my unfinished projects!)
20. Be more diligent about keeping up with friends
21. Take kids to Disney World
22. Cook at least two new recipes every month
23. Re-start and finish reading the Bible in a year
24. Get kids into doing Random Acts of Kindness together
25. Start learning Bible Verses with the kids
26. Write 30 letters to friends and family telling them what they mean to me
27. Start some type of exercise program
28. Get our family eating more whole/real foods
29. Learn something new (computer language, language, cooking style, way to fix my hair…..)
30. Spend more time in the moment, cherishing my family

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